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A more comfortable and environmentally friendly period.

A more comfortable and environmentally friendly period.

Periods. We ladies are not usually comfortable talking about them to one another, or I just don’t know how to bring it up in conversation. It’s a bit of a taboo, we just kind of get on with it.

A little backstory if I may… In the last few years, I have learned so much through various Facebook groups I’m part of. From wanting a different approach to managing childbirth I found Gentle Birth. From there and over time I joined various other groups full of like-minded ladies. I’ve picked up a number of tips and ideas - from help with breastfeeding, to baby led weaning, a more gentle approach to parenting, and also, in the last year, re-usable cloth pads.

My period was slow in coming back due to breastfeeding but I had made a decision to try cloth sanitary pads once it did. I did two cycles with the disposable ones and then for a couple of more I did a mix of the two (to use up the remaining pads I had).

The difference was hugely noticeable. The comfort that the cloth pads was second to none. It took me a little while to find the ones that really suited me best but I’d never go back now. Hopefully, the summary of the different ones I tired will help someone get to the ones the love quicker. I’ve since moved to using a Cup so just using liners as a just in case at the moment.

I’d read that using reusable cloth pads had reduced pain and cramping and could even lead to a shorter lighter period for some ladies. I believe this to be true for me. I used to get really bad cramps but in the last year my period has reduced to only one really heavy day/night and barely noticeable cramps.

TIPS – check with the seller – some of them have the print skin side up.

Bump to Beyond

She sells the brand ImseVimse which is 100% organic cotton. I started with these, they are nice and thin but have a good absorbency. There are a few options to choose from on her website, including a starter pack of three different sizes and absorbency. She also sells colourful wet bags, I have the pink one and it sits nicely in my handbag and stores a couple of pads. She also sells a range of slings and wraps and accessories.

Other Mother Creations

I got her Eco-Mensies kit which is a great starter pack, it has a mix of sizes and absorbencies, a storage bag and a mesh laundry bag. It’s a personal thing but I did not like the cotton feel but I could not fault the quality and the service. She also sells other items like heat packs and breast pads.

Snuggle bugs

The ladies here sell Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pads from Cheeky Wipes. I didn’t like the thickness of this brand. They are better known for the baby wearing side of the business and they sell a big selection of slings, wraps and accessories.

Sweet Lavender and Chilli Flakes

I’d seen some of her work on her Facebook page and liked the style so I went for a mystery package that she offers monthly. The pad I got was an extra-large one for very heavy periods or for post-partum. By the time I got it my periods were much lighter so I never got to use it but the quality feels and looks great. She also does little wet bags to have in your handbag that can store one clean CSP which you can swap with a used one and close up with the confidence that there will be no leaks. I have a couple of these and they are great! She has lots of other items on her Etsy page from beeswax wraps to hairbands.

Made by Cece

A close second favourite. Her pads were comfortable and had good absorbency while still being quite thin. I don’t see the option on her website anymore so not sure she is still making them. She also does breastfeeding friendly clothing for women, children’s clothing and more recently adaptations to her designs for children’s special medical needs, specifically g-tube feeding and insulin pumps.


By far my favourite. They are the thinnest and most absorbent I have found. I have a couple of her minky pads and they feel amazing on the skin! I used to leak at night and sometimes during the day when at the heaviest when using disposables but never had a problem with these pads. I only use the liners nowadays when using my Cup and they are so comfortable you would forget that you are wearing them.

She also sells Scrundies and says “After wearing a pair of Scrundies, you will fall in love with the comfort and never want to wear shop bought again!!” – This is 100% True. I call them my wedgie free underwear. I’m waiting for a pair of Star Wars limited edition to add to my collection, I think have about 10 pairs now!

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