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What is FlopsyShop.ie?

FlopsyShop.ie is the only dedicated Irish online pre-loved kids clothing boutique aimed at parents who want to cut down on waste while creating value from clothes that are not worn anymore. We hand pick and check each item to make sure they are in great condition before they get shipped. By buying second-hand clothes you are contributing to the environment while saving some money. Win-win if you ask us. 

Who is FlopsyShop.ie?

FlopsyShop.ie is run by Lisa and Marc, who after having their first daughter realised how quickly they collected a large number of clothes that would not fit anymore. Rather than storing them in the attic or throwing them away, we decided to sell them online as the clothes were still in perfect order and provide great value for other parents. And, voila, the idea for FlopsyShop.ie was born. In order to get ready for the business adventure, Lisa attended a Small Business boot-camp provided by the Local Enterprise board. Highly recommended! They now spend our evening hours running this micro business besides their two full-time jobs.

Prevent landfill

Did you know that clothes make up the biggest part of a landfill? Many clothes these days actually contain large percentages of plastics and therefore are quite harmful when they end up in a landfill. So rather than throwing clothes away, why not pass them on and make some money back?! In 2017 we've prevented over 1500 items from going to landfill by finding them a second (or third) life. 

Meet the real Flopsy!

We all know Flopsy being one of the bunnies in Peter Rabbit, but our Flopsy is a hand knitted little comforter made by granny. It has been in our daughter's bed ever since she was born. A sweet smiling Flopsy now adorns our logo and heads-up the website.

Flopsy soother doll

Enjoy the shop!

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Flopsyshop.ie is run by Flopsy Shop which is registered at the CRO under number 579679. We are located in Dublin 12.