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Irish eco-business spot-light; Little Green Shop

Irish eco-business spot-light; Little Green Shop

We recently attended the All About Bay Fair which is organized by Friends of Breastfeeding in Ireland. We enjoyed being at the fair and they had arranged some great special treats  for the little ones, who doesn’t want to meet Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol when you are a toddler? And there was a fabulous flash mob dance of sling mommies moving their bodies to the beat of Pharell’s Happy and other funky tunes. had a stall next to the ladies from Little Green Shop who sell a fabulous selection of eco friendly articles. My eye caught the steel water bottles that come with multiple sippy tops to suit your little one’s preference. I was fantasizing bringing it to my local barista for the hot coffee. The other item was a set of metal straws which look good in a hipster jam jar filled with homemade lemonade, however the ‘boss’ said that our little one still chumps straws way too much and she fears high dental bills if we’d get some. In the Flopsy household we recently got some beeswax wraps, and I was happy to see a great selection of these as well. A simple way of covering bowls that cuts out plastic wrap  for a more natural alternative.

I did a little spying, and I think that the top selling items on the day were the bamboo toothbrushes that come in a variety of colors. They are only a couple of euros and last 3 months for adults and a bit longer for kids. The shop also stocks a little storage container which is handy if you are traveling. There is also a natural toothpaste available so no more plastic micro-beats polluting the ocean. The toothpaste sits in a nice range of other shampoos and soaps.

So do us a favor, and make sure to support a small Irish eco friendly business and have a look at Little Green Shop’s collection!

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