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Slow Vs Fast Fashion – Why Slow Fashion Is Way Better

Slow Vs Fast Fashion – Why Slow Fashion Is Way Better

Protecting the environment has been the mission of private organizations and government alike for a decade now, but consumers often fail to realize the role they play in disrupting the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Regardless of how much food you recycle and how biodegradable you make the plastic used in industries unless you realize the role your clothes and dresses are playing in this fiasco there can be no solution. The factory produced items which are sold at ridiculously low costs are part of the fast fashion culture which we are entangled in, and when these 13 million tons of textile are discarded every year in the US alone, you realize that it is time to revert back to the old time slow fashion, and here’s why.

1. Invites Simplicity

Slow fashion products may not be as "fancy" as the ones which are produced in outlets and can certainly not be in the same variety, but what they do tell you is how you need to bring back the time when simplicity was a virtue which was respected. Having something new to wear every day is perhaps not as important as it is to preserve the world for the upcoming generations.

Reduce waste through recycling and get your kids and yourself slow fashion clothes which will last much longer and will have memories associated to them, and help your kids learn the lesson of how the material world is not as important as they think it is.

2. Saves Money

When you put your mind to it you will realize that vanity and self-consciousness are the only reasons behind us wanting to dress completely different every day and have a vast wardrobe. What we fail to interpret in this race to own such a wardrobe, however, is the amount of money we spend on it, and how much more you could have simply saved.

In today’s world the drive to save money can certainly not be disregarded, and reverting to slow fashion today means that you are giving way to this trend of saving. Besides, having relatively less but more durable clothes compared to a lump of items which have to be thrown away is a much better option, because you can reduce waste through recycling these items and contribute to the eco system’s betterment.

3. Restores Balance

Over-exploitation of resources only began when capitalist markets began to realize the need for diversifying to the extent where each privileged customer has the ability to purchase it all. Did you know that shops like Forever 21 have new items each day!? While that right is important, compromising a little on the choice may not be an unjust cause because you are doing your future generations a massive and deserved favour.

When the demand for fabric will drop in industries, the crops will get more time to grow fully, and the water stress will also reduce dramatically, all of which will give heavily to the cause of protecting the environment.

So if you say yes to slow fashion today, you will be saying no to a slow and uncertain future tomorrow.

We are also looking forward to the new movie examining the fast fashion world called The True Cost ( which will be out in May.

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