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Three washing tips to get rid of nasty nappy and fruit stains

Three washing tips to get rid of nasty nappy and fruit stains

We all know the joys of messy toddlers or those lovely runny nappies that end up everywhere. All too often we give up on stains on the ’white’ vests. We’ve combined three tips for to NOT give up anymore and make those whites white again….


Yeah, the stuff for salads is a perfect natural bleach. The inexpensive white distilled vinegar can be used in the laundry to whiten, brighten, reduce odor and soften clothes without harsh chemicals. The key ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid. For most white washes, just chuck it into the wash tray. For persistent stains, you can soak the clothes in vinegar overnight. When buying vinegar to use in the laundry, choose white distilled vinegar. It contains no tannins—natural plant dyes—that can stain clothes and it is less expensive. If you must use cider vinegar, use less and dilute it before pouring directly on clothes. We get our vinegar in the Polish shops, larger bottles for less.


Believe it or not, but when the sun is out (not hiding like today), a good sun soak does wonders. Ideally the clothes are a little wet. Then lay them flat, over a rack for example, so that all the surface is facing the sun. Et voila, there you have it, your own nature powered bleacher. If you need some extra power, you can spray some watered down lemon juice over it. Just don’t leave it out too long, especially with colored clothes. They can fade if the sun bleaches too much.

Dutch miracle soap

Well, not sure it is Dutch, but that is there we get it. It is called Ossengalzeep (Oxgall soap) by Dr Beckmann. This is a soap bar made out, you guessed it, Oxgall…. Sounds gross, but it feels and smells just like regular soap. It is fully biodegradable and work absolute miracles on stains. Just wet the stained area, rub it directly with the bar, let it sit for a little and then wash as normal.

oxgall soap

Do you have other sure tested ways to remove stains? Let us know in the comments!

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